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Golf Etiquette: What it Means & What You Need To Know.

Golf Etiquette: What it Means & What You Need To Know.

Ah, golf. The sun dappling through leaves, the satisfying thwack of club meeting ball, the crisp air whispering tales of birdies and bogies. It's a beautiful game, one steeped in tradition and a certain, well, let's call it je ne sais quoi of gentlemanly conduct. 

But fear not, rookie rough riders! Even the most seasoned fairway veterans were once wide-eyed newbies navigating the unwritten rules of the green. So, grab your driver, lace up your kicks (spike less, of course!), and let's birdie this etiquette bunker together.



Respect the Course:

  • Pace yourself, Tiger. Don't be a human roadblock. Keep up with the group ahead, and if you're lagging, let faster players through. Remember, the green isn't your putting park.


  • Silence is golden (except for cheers, of course). Keep the chatter to a minimum while others are playing. No one wants to hear your swing analysis during their backswing.


  • Divots and pitch marks? Fix 'em. Think of it as leaving your Fair Liar mark, but the good kind. Fill 'em in, smooth 'em out, and let the course thank you later.


Mind Your Manners:

  • Ready, set, etiquette! Don't stand over your putt like you're contemplating the meaning of life. Be ready when it's your turn, and avoid unnecessary delays. Time is money, and on the course, it's precious birdie-chasing time.


  • Shhh, the ball's talking. Don't talk, yell, or do anything that might distract other players during their swing. Remember, karma's a birdieman, and it swings back.


  • Applaud the good, shrug off the bad. Celebrate your partner's clutch putt, and offer a silent (and stylish) commiseration for their shanked drive. We've all been there, and a little sportsmanship goes a long way.


Not Must's But They Should Be:

  • Dress to impress, but not to distract. Sure, rock your Fair Liar threads with confidence, but avoid neon green pants or a clown wig. Remember, you're here to play golf, not win the costume contest.


  • Leave the drama at the clubhouse. Keep the gossip and negativity off the course. Focus on your game, your friends, and the good vibes that come with a well-played round.


  • Be a birdie, not a bogey. Help others find lost balls, offer advice if asked, and generally be the kind of player you'd want to share a cart with.


Remember, Fair Liars, good etiquette is like the perfect swing: smooth, effortless, and makes you look damn good doing it. So, grab your clubs, channel your inner champion, and let's show the green who's boss (with impeccable manners, of course). Now go out there and birdie the day!


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