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As the crisp air kisses the fairways and winter's frosted elegance paints the landscape, Fair Liar invites you to rewrite the narrative of winter golf & embrace a season of captivating chic layers and luxurious textures, where every swing is a whisper of elegance, every putt a brushstroke of refined grace.

This winter, we're thrilled to partner with the inimitable Megan Heaton, a golf fashionista whose entrepreneurial spirit and effortless grace mirror the essence of our brand. Megan curated a collection of looks redefining the winter golf ootd. proving that Fair Liar's winter collection is as much a statement of style as it is a symphony of comfort. 


Look One: A Pleated Fairytale

Megan paints a picture of wintery whimsy in the Frill Collar Liv T-Shirt, its delicate ruffles adding a touch of playful femininity. Paired with the high-waisted pleated skirt, with its whisper-light fabric and cinched belt, accentuates her silhouette with a touch of timeless charm. To complete the scene, the V-neck Pullover Vest cloaks her in a cocoon of warmth, its subtle sheen echoing the frosted brilliance of a winter day.


Look Two: Houndstooth Harmony

For those who crave a touch of classic sophistication, the Houndstooth Jacquard Vest takes center stage. Its rich, textured pattern whispers of bygone eras, Layer it over the Lace Collar Liv Knit Top giving a modern romance feel with the whisper of lace that peaks through. The Fair Liar Signature Pearl Flare Pleated Skirt, an everlasting favorite, completes the look with a cascade of elegant pleats that ripple with every step.


Look Three: A Touch of Cozy Chic

Embrace the winter sun in a look that's as comfortable as it is stylish. The Fair Liar Signature Pearl Flare Pleated Skirt takes center stage here, with its versatility allowing it to effortlessly transition from look to look. Layer the Scarf Set Collar Color T-shirt and let its vibrant black hue play against the skirt's ivory canvas, creating a vibrant harmony. Should the chill nip at your heels, the V-neck Pullover Vest is a ready companion, adding a touch of cozy warmth without compromising on style.


Look Four: A Sparkling Finale

End your day with a flourish! The Lace Collar Liv Knit Top returns, its delicate lace adding a touch of feminine charm. The Fair Liar Signature Pearl Flare Pleated Skirt continues its reign of elegance, while the Square Neck Ribbon Knit Vest adds a playful touch with its sweet coquette bow details. Top it all off with the Crystal Logo Ribbon Visor, a sparkling ode to the Fair Liar spirit.




This winter, embrace the Fair Liar philosophy:

where performance meets luxury, and style thrives in every season. With Megan Heaton as your guide, let your winter golf wardrobe be a canvas for your timeless elegance. Explore the Winter Collection, discover your perfect ensemble, and step onto the course with confidence, grace, and a touch of Fair Liar magic.


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