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Exercises To Elevate Your Golf Game

Exercises To Elevate Your Golf Game

Do you want to hit the ball farther and have more stamina on the course?

In the old days, golf might not have emphasized fitness, but these days it's a critical part of the game. Strength and flexibility will help you swing harder and avoid injuries.

Why Flexibility and Strength Matter

There are several reasons why incorporating flexibility and strength exercises into your routine can improve your golf game:

  • Increased swing speed: A stronger core and legs will allow you to generate more power through your swing, resulting in longer distances.

  • Improved balance and stability: Better balance and stability will lead to more consistent swings and better overall control of your body throughout the game.

  • Reduced risk of injury: Maintaining flexibility in your muscles and joints will help prevent injuries caused by repetitive motions.

  • More stamina: A strong core and improved overall fitness will help you have more energy throughout your entire round.

Fair Liar's Guide to Exercises for Golf

Here are 18 exercises with links you can incorporate into your workout routine to improve your golf game:

  1. Lunges with Rotation

(improves balance, swing rotation, and strength)

Medicine Ball Rotational Lunge


  1. Alternate Lateral Jumps

(develops lower body power for more distance)

Jumps Alternating Lateral Jump 


  1. Cat & Camel

(stretches lower back and improves core stability)

Segmental Cat Camel Exercise 


  1. Split Squat

(builds leg strength and improves swing speed)

SPLIT SQUAT VS LUNGE | 3 Key Differences


  1. Sword Draws

(helps with external shoulder rotation and swing plane)

Drawing The Sword - Theraband Shoulder Stabilization - Ask Dr. Abelson 


  1. Hip Drops 

(improves internal hip rotation and is a great pre-round stretch)

 Hip drops 


  1. Push Ups

(improves upper body strength)

How to Do a Push Up Correctly


  1. Single Leg Deadlift

(strengthens lower back, hamstrings, and glutes)

How To: Dumbbell Stiff-Leg Single-Leg Deadlift


  1. Pelvic Tilt

(helps prevent lower back pain)

How to Do a Pelvic Tilt | Pilates Workout


  1. Squat with Medicine Ball Rotations

(improves core and balance)

Medicine Ball Squat Rotation—Swimmer’s Strength Workout 


  1. Seated Rotations

(increases rotational mobility for more speed)

TPI Golf Seated Trunk Rotation test 


  1. Side Step-Ups

(strengthens glutes and provides hip stabilization)

Lateral Step-up


  1. Hand Walkouts

(stretches lower back and upper leg muscles)

Golf Fitness: hand walk out


  1. Bent Over Rows

(strengthens back muscles)

Bent Over Rows | Resistance Band Back Exercise


  1. 90/90 Stretch

(improves hip mobility)

How to Perform a 90/90 Hip Stretch (HIP FLEXOR STRETCH) 


  1. Single Leg Butt Lifts

(strengthens muscles that support your hips during your swing)

How to Do a Single Leg Bridge | Thighs Workout 


  1. Dumbbell Bench Press

(strengthens upper body and core)

DumbBell Bench Press 


  1. Medicine Ball Core Rotations

(improves core and teaches rotational balance)

Medicine Ball Rotations 

Finding the Right Fitness Routine for You

The best golf workout will vary depending on your age, fitness level, and overall body coordination. It's important to find a routine that works for you and to listen to your body. Don't be afraid to modify exercises or skip them if they cause pain. By incorporating these exercises into your routine, you’ll start to see improvements in your golf game. 

*Remember to be consistent with your workouts and to gradually increase the difficulty as you get stronger and more flexible*

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