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What To Wear For The Course & Beyond This Spring!

What To Wear For The Course & Beyond This Spring!

Golf and style can and should play nicely together!
Thanks to moisture-wicking, ultra-stretchy fabrics designed to look like fashionable everyday attire but feel like a dream, it is entirely possible to play through an entire day of rounds to coffee meetings, office hours, classes, and even a date in these styles created for not only just the fairway...
To get your golf style on par for spring check out these 4 tips and tricks & along the way see our favorite styles for looking your best from the course to the clubhouse... And beyond!

1. Look for pants, shorts, and skirts with more movement.


First, there’s no point in looking like a star player if you can’t at least try to play like one, too. And to play well, you must be able to move well!  opt for stretchy, quick-drying performance bottoms like the Frill Pleated Knit Skirt  pictured above This knitted skirt has a slightly formal golf appearance, while the elastic waist says, “Let’s have some fun.” Plus, the quick-drying, incredibly lightweight knit fabric means you’ll be comfortable no matter what else you do with your day.



2. Shield your eyes—in style.


We’re no experts, but it's said to be helpful when you can see what you’re doing when you’re hitting a ball the size of a large strawberry towards a hole roughly the size of a waffle at least 250 yards away (and much, much further, depending on the par).
Whether you're a novice or a dedicated golfer. A few lightweight durable caps or visors with a flattering frame will do the trick in getting that blinding sunshine out of your eyes so you can focus on swinging that hole-in-one.



3. Upgrade from your typical Golf shirt.

It’s so easy to wear a boring, run-of-the-mill polo shirt on the golf course!  we get it. But it’s worth finding a style that really works for you! & here at Fair Liar boring isn't in our vocabulary. 

For example, the Bella Long Sleeve T-Shirt style will keep you dry through all 18 holes, while the sides are tapered in to ensure a smooth, flattering look when tucked in.



4. Embrace fun colors and prints on the course.

Shop Left to Right
  1. Diamond Cut Cardigan -  just screams spring! Also available is vivid bold fairway green.
  2. FAIRLIAR Cable V-Neck Knit Vest -  orange-it cute and functional! Available in classic black & white combo too for the ones scared of a little orange 
  3. Shoulder Pleated T-Shirt - a little asymmetrical style twist featuring the classic blue & white pinstripe  


The best thing about individual sports like golf is that you can wear whatever you want…within the dress codes that apply on various courses, of course!. Blame it on years of unflattering soccer team uniforms, but room for individuality in competition is thrilling for a lot of people. As such, I see no reason to stick to neutrals and “safe” colors when you tee off. 


When it comes to golf style, the sky’s the limit! Soft yellow, pastel pink, sapphire blue, deep green… If you don’t know what looks best on you, just ask yourself which color “really brings out my eyes.” Trust us. And how about having a little fun with your accessories? There’s no shortage of fun, colorful socks & blinged caps in durable, moisture-wicking materials that are comfortable enough for a bit of sport.


Ultimately, we make golf wear that's stylish! Fashion-forward designs fused with vintage golf wear esthetics— made with better fabrics to take you through a day of sport and work. Going to the office? Wear your favorite golf polo. Headed out for dinner and dancing? Rock a  “performance skirt” with a button-up shirt and mary jane. Meeting your parents for brunch? Stylish shorts and a sturdy pullover are calling your name! though we are not exactly saying you should wear your golf attire everywhere you go, we are also not not saying you shouldn't!

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