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5 Best Golf Trick Shots

5 Best Golf Trick Shots

A trick shot is any golf shot that requires a high level of skill and precision to make a hole-in-one, often seeming impossible to the novice golfer. We’ve compiled some of our favorite trick shots, from entertaining quarantine games to impressive professional hole-in-ones, here’s our list of the best golf trick shots. There’s a tremendous amount of skill required to pull off these shots, and a few could even help you on the course.


Golf Pong - Joshua Kelley

Looking for new drinking game ideas? You may have heard of beer pong but what about golf pong? Viral Instagram star (344k followers) holein1tricks aka Joshua Kelley took on golf coach Ryan Rustand in a healthy game of golf pong using a golf club, large ball, and tall buckets. Easy to recreate at home, we recommend giving this trick shot a go for yourself!


Balancing Trick Shot - Tania Tare

This golf trick shot has it all. Tania starts off demonstrating some awesome wedge juggling skills then finishes the trick by tossing the ball from her club into a red solo cup. She did all of this while balancing on her knees on a yoga/exercise ball. Crazy!


Tee In The Mouth - John Daly

Do not try this at home! We repeat, DO NOT try this at home unless you want an emergency trip to the dentist or ER! John Daly hits a driver from a tee that’s being held by the teeth of another person. Part scary and cool, this is one of the most famous golf trick shots ever released.


Hydroflask Golf Trick Shot - Kristoffer Larsen Hoen

Wow - this is a cool shot that may take you a while. We recommend you go rapid-fire with this trick shot. Making sure you have plenty of ping-pong balls so you don’t waste time chasing down all of the misses.


Partner Trickshot - Mathias Schjoelberg

This is a trick shot to try with your better half. You’ll need a patient partner that can stay very still while you figure out the shot. Similar to the hydro flask trick, make sure you have plenty of balls handy and rapid-fire with the camera rolling. Once you make it, you can edit out your “practice shots.”

Golf trick shots are the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon or a slow day, design your own golf trick shot. Think outside of the box, and make sure your camera is set up to catch your reaction when you make it! We all know the reaction is 50% of the fun.


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