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Pros & Cons Of Golf Visors: Plus Our Bestsellers.

Pros & Cons Of Golf Visors: Plus Our Bestsellers.

You have a tee time at your favorite course. You check the weather and it‘s going to be a beautiful sunny day. 

This leaves you with one decision left to make. Which of your golf hats are you going to wear? There are plenty of options. A “baseball” hat, a bucket hat, or maybe a golf visor. 

Golf visors started to show up on the PGA tour in the 70s and became popular again in the 90s. This style of golf hat disappeared for a little while but is now making a solid comeback. The golf visor has started to show up again at driving ranges, par 3 courses, and even around town. It might be the new flair your look needs. A relatively inexpensive piece of golf gear to add to your collection. Time to let your hair flow in the breeze!


Pros & Cons: 


  • A golf visor does a great job of protecting your face from the sun. A large-brim golf visor will provide more face protection than your standard golf hat.
  • A golf visor is lighter than your standard golf hat. Since there are no tops, hot air can escape and you can feel the breeze.
  • Show off your beautiful locks! With a golf visor, your hair won’t be smashed down. It can flow in the afternoon breeze.


  • A burned scalp is no fun. If your hair is thin you need to apply sunscreen to your head or wearing a golf visor can become painful.
  • You may not have the correct head shape for a golf visor. It’s not your fault! Golf visors look great on some golfers, but terrible on others. Try it on in front of the mirror to decide which category you are in. The visor may not be the best golf hat for you.



Choosing The Right One!

What do you need to consider when shopping for a golf visor?



  • Pick The Right Material - 
  • Similar to your standard hat, golf visors can be made from various materials. The most common are Polyester, Nylon, Cotton, Wool, and Linen. You may even come across one that is made of plastic, but we don’t recommend you go this route. 


  • Choose The Correct Brim Size - 
  • Separating one golf visor from another often comes down to brim size. There are two factors you should consider. First, the larger the brim, the more sun protection the hat will provide for your face. Second, the size of the brim will drastically change how it looks when you wear it. Make sure you’re comfortable with both the sun protection level and how it looks on.


  • Is The Fit Comfortable?  - 
  • Most golf visors have adjustable clasps or Velcro's in the back, so the size of your head shouldn’t be too much of a problem. That doesn’t mean they all feel the same on your head. Wearing a golf visor will feel different than a normal golf hat.


  • Choose The One That Matches Your Style - 
  • Okay yes, you want a golf visor that’s functional, but let’s be honest, it’s all about the style! You want to look good on the course and the right golf visor can be the perfect touch for your favorite golf outfit.



    Fair Liar TOP 10 BESTSELLERS 

    What everyone has been loving to wear! From crystalized to checkered print + pops of color in between. 


    • Swarovski Visor Hat

     It has a high-crown/large-brim design and is made from lightweight polyester. It’s built with adjustable ribbon ties to hold it in place and a band of Swarovski crystals + FL monogram. One size fits all. 

    Swarovski Visor Hat


    • Garden Flower Visor

    Dainty embroidery detailing makes this the perfect sun protector for the spring season. With an adjustable strap for the right fit & comfort. 

    Garden Flower Visor - Green   Garden Flower Visor - Black 

    • FAIRLIAR Velour Logo Visor

    Who doesn't love a nod to the velour trend of the early 2000s? With a velvet ribbon to finish the look off. Plus a higher crown means it can sit more comfortably on your head.

    FAIRLIAR Velour Logo Visor 



    • FAIRLIAR Gingham Ribbon Visor

    Screams spring & summer playful gingham print in pastel colors that are bright & happy. Bring that happy energy to the course in this customer favorite. 

    FAIRLIAR Gingham Ribbon Visor - Yellow  FAIRLIAR Gingham Ribbon Visor - Pink FAIRLIAR Gingham Ribbon Visor - Blue    




    • FAIRLIAR Side Ribbon Visor

    Chic & adorable are the only ways to describe this visor, this chic accessory will keep your eyes protected and elevate your golf look.

    FAIRLIAR Side Ribbon Visor 



    • FAIRLIAR Pleated Wide Visor

    A break from your traditional visor shape this is perfect for all head shapes and with a wider brim, you get more sun to protect. Keeping with the embellishments we've added an FL monogram pin for a chic way to rep your favorite golf wear brand.

    FAIRLIAR Pleated Wide Visor -  White    FAIRLIAR Pleated Wide Visor  - Black  



    • Big Logo Crystal Ribbon Visor

    The bigger the bling the better, add some bold glitz and glamour to your golf uniform with this dreamy accessory. Ribben closer for a comfortable/adjustable fit & coming in 3 neutral tones so you can easily wear this hat daily. 

    Big Logo Crystal Ribbon Visor 



    • Volume FL Visor

    The high-crown, large-brim of this visor may be more flattering on many golfers that have larger heads or more hair. It’s made with lightweight, performance polyester and a breathable, moisture-wicking sweatband. 

    Volume FL Visor 


    • FAIRLIAR Herringbone Color Visor

    Combining fashion and function with this low-brim herringbone pattern visor, this visor features a performance-cooling sweatband, a simple design, and a unique elasticated backing strap for easy fit & comfort & of course, we had to add the blinged fastener for a pop of something glitzy on the fairway.

    FAIRLIAR Herringbone Color Visor - Black                                                        FAIRLIAR Herringbone Color Visor - White     



    • FAIRLIAR Scarf Ribbon Visor

    What we like to think every Disney princess would wear when golfing, this adorable visor is perfect for the spring & summer seasons when everything is fresh and warm. The long ribbon makes any outfit pop & the high crown is great for fit & comfort. 

    FAIRLIAR Scarf Ribbon Visor - Beige    FAIRLIAR Scarf Ribbon Visor -Black  FAIRLIAR Scarf Ribbon Visor - Blue  



    Is it time to take your hat game to the next level? A golf visor is a cool and casual look that lets the other players in your group know that you are there to have a good time. They provide sun protection for your face, but you can still feel the afternoon breeze flow through your hair. The best of both worlds!


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