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5 of the top golf towels you should have.

5 of the top golf towels you should have.

Having one or multiple golf towels is one of the most overlooked aspects of proper golf course preparation by most.

There’s no worse feeling than having no way to dry your hands, or grips, or clean your club’s grooves when they’re covered in mud or wet from the rain. Tons of people don’t even recognize it, but having dirty grips, club faces, or golf balls costs them strokes and drastically harms their performance. Golf towel manufacturers have realized the need for towels with added features that make golfer’s lives easier while playing. Here are a few of our favorites we know you’ll appreciate. 



Blue Tees 4-in-1 Magnetic Towel 

Described by Blue Tees as “the perfect multi-use utility golf towel,” 

The towel is designed using Blue Tees’ removable magnetic solid strip to conveniently clip to clubs, golf carts, and the optional “Magnetic Hub” (built to hold most metal accessories like a speaker or rangefinder) but also features a mountaineering buckle for long-term holding.

The waffle texture towel also features a built-in rubber groove cleaner and scrub brush to clean dirty grooves and golf balls with ease.

Besides being offered in three solid clean-looking colors, the Blue Tees Magnetic 4-in-1 Towel is provided in a standard or oversized “Caddy Style,” so players can have precisely the golf towel they desire.


STICKIT Magnetic Golf Towel

The STICKIT Magnetic Towel from STICKIT Golf Gear should be the first choice of every player that wants to have their golf towel with them at all times with no added hassle.

Every purchase includes a high-quality microfiber golf towel with an industrial-strength magnet that snaps and holds onto any golf cart, club, bag, and any metal surface or golf equipment for “grab-n-go access” and fast, “on-the-go” pickup around the greens never to keep anyone waiting.

The STICKITs most common use is being picked up by a players club head as they are walking by. This pickup method eliminates the need to bend over, saving your back and energy in the process.

The all-weather silicone magnetic patch is removable to allow for safe machine washing/drying of the microfiber towel fabric. The towel itself is a deep microfiber waffle-weave pattern that cleans grooves better, offers superior water absorption, and quicker dry time post rounds.

Another reason for loving the STICKIT Magnetic towel is the free included “Putter Assist Grip Plug” that turns your putter grip magnetic! Simply insert the metal plug into the end of your putter’s grip, and you have a reliable place to attach your STICKIT towel to your bag!

Callaway 2-In-1 Golf Towel & Golf Bag Rain Cover

The Callaway 2-In-1 Golf Towel is our favorite choice for offering extra protection for your clubs when the weather makes a turn for the worst.

Players can simply hang the Callaway Rain Hood towel off their golf bag using the attached carabiner clip for convenient cleaning access during rounds.

When wet weather approaches, detach the towel and slip it over the top of your golf bag to keep your clubs and grips dry. When used as a rain hood, the velcro sides stick together for added protection and provide easy access to clubs. The outer shell is a waterproof nylon material and the inside is made using a cotton microfiber design.

Frogger Amphibian Towel

The Frogger Amphibian golf towel is the PGA Merchandise Show award-winning two-in-one towel of the year designed to always have a wet and dry side, rain or shine.

This two-sided towel attaches to your golf bag through a carabiner clip, so it’ll never touch the ground. It uses premium materials to create a super absorbent golf towel overall.

The inside is 100% Bamboo, and the outer layer is 100% Cotton. Frogger says this combination of materials gives users the fastest dry times. On sunny days players should wet the inner layer of the towel to clean their clubs, then dry their clubs and hands on the outside.

On rainy days players should keep the inner layer dry for hands and grips, then use the wet exterior layer to clean golf clubs. Lastly, the Frogger Amphibian Towel is offered in eight unique colorways and patterns to show off a player’s sense of style while also serving its club cleaning purpose.

Titleist StayDry Performance Towel

The Titleist StayDry Performance Towel has added features designed to withstand the elements and provide multiple uses in a medium-sized package.

The revamped StayDry features a new multi-material construction for any type of weather. A sheared velour terry exterior with a waterproof membrane keeps the microfiber interior dry.

That microfiber interior features a proprietary “hub pattern” with an additional club groove cleaner for the easier and faster dirt removal. Simply attach the StayDry Performance Towel to your bag with the included metal hook, and feel confident you’ll have clean grooves for every shot. Unlike most golf towels with a dark exterior, Titleist ensures users won’t have to wash these towels by themselves with their “Bleed Free” dye used in the production process.

Now that we’ve narrowed down the 5 best golf towels on the market (currently), it’s time to choose which one will help your golf game the most.!


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